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Our Story

Text reads: Passion Led Us Here

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The journey started in 2013 with the vision to create a psychologically healthier and safe space for nationals and residents in Qatar to heal, grow, and flourish. The initial idea was to create an integrated psychological well-being focused center in Qatar. After over fifteen years in the corporate world, the systemic gaps that existed were crystal clear, but the road was steeper than expected. It took over six years and the pandemic to turn this around into Flourishing Minds!

Flourishing minds is a social enterprise focused on increasing awareness around mental health, improving access to mental health services, advocating an integrated and whole system approach to health care and well-being, and promoting a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

With a foundation built on safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment; Flourishing Minds strives to engage with individuals, families, communities, and organizations – to motivate, inspire, nurture, develop, and sustain healing and growth. Together, we create Flourishing Minds.

Behind the scenes

Founder/Chief Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Tina Balachandran, MSc, LCP, CCTP

Chief Consultant Psychologist (Clinical/Aviation/Organizational)

With over 15 years of experience, Tina’s expertise spans across clinical, aviation, and workplace psychology. Instrumental in setting up the Psychology Clinic for Qatar’s national airline, catering to a diverse global workforce of over 45,000 employees; she played a strategic role heading a team of mental health professionals and collaborating with various stakeholders across different functions.

She has been influential in spearheading mental health promotion and preventive care initiatives to break mental health stigma and improve access to psychological services across various safety sensitive and safety critical roles. Tina has been involved in training care teams on providing psychological support in the aftermath of an aviation accident, and has facilitated psychological support following critical incidents like death, injury, earthquakes, bombing, aviation incidents, etc. She is an on-call specialist for a world leading disaster management company providing specialist support as part of disaster emergency response. Tina is also an affiliate for the region’s largest professional Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and Employee Well-being Programme (EWP) provider. Recently, she has been collaborating with multidisciplinary experts across the globe on various initiatives, contributing to the growing field of psychology and well-being.

I engage in continuous learning and believe in inspiring resilience to help individuals, systems, and organizations heal and flourish

– Ms. Tina Balachandran, Certified Positive Workplace Framework Trainer

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Qatar
  • EAAP Certified Aviation Psychologist
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Certified Positive Workplace Framework Trainer
  • NLP Practitioner, NFNLP, USA
  • Learning Skills Coach
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Qatar Branch Meeting – Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: Implementing the ISO 45003 (June 2021)
  • World Safety Organization  Mental Health: a Shared Responsibility for Workplace Safety (June 2021)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Qatar Branch Meeting – Building Organization-wide Psychological Support: a peer based approach (May 2021)
  • Qatar University, World Health and Safety Day – Changing the Landscape: Building Resilient Employees, Creating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace (April 2021)
  • Qatar Foundation Strategic Planning Department – Managing Stress at Work amid a Pandemic (Feb 2021) 
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Qatar Branch Meeting – Managing the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 (May 2020)
  • Texas A&M University at Qatar, Safety Week – Managing Stress for Safety (Oct 2019)
  • College of North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q)  – ‘Mental health at work’ as part of NEBOSH National Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work coursework (Oct 2019, June 2020)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Qatar Branch Meeting – Psychology of Safety – from risk perception to safe behaviours (Sept 2019)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Qatar Branch Meeting – Mental Health and its Importance in Safety Critical Roles (Dec 2018)
  • Organizer/speaker at the World Mental Health Day Forum, Qatar Airways (Oct 2018, 2019)
  • Qatar Airways Global Cargo Conference (2019)
  • British Safety Council – Health, Safety and Environment Conference, Middle East – Mental Health Representation in Health & Safety – are we doing enough? (May 2016)
  • Employee Health and Well-being Conference, Qatar – Impact of Psychological Surveillance – Before & After Germanwings Crash (Oct 2015)
  • Annual International Conference on Fostering Human Resilience, Las Vegas, USA – Psychosocial Initiatives to Foster Resilience at Work – an organizational approach (June 2015)
  • Poster presented on Exploring New Therapeutic Tools to the use of Psychotropic Medication in the Aviation Industry at the 29th EAAP conference, Budapest, Hungary (September 2010)
  • Consulted with a Qatar-based technology start-up to create digital mental health solutions in the MENA region
  • Consulted with the Qatar government Mental Health Services team to support the mental health volunteer team responding to the COVID crisis line
  • Facilitator for Clinician Collaborative (APA DIVISION 56 COVID-19 Interdivisional Task Force Working Group – Professional Support for Psychologists initiative) providing peer based group support for mental health professionals during the pandemic
  • Member of APA DIVISION 56 COVID-19 Interdivisional Task Force with special focus on Crisis Intervention, Frontline Workers, and Mental Health Professionals
  • European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) Working Group Member – To develop and advise on – Competencies for Aviation Psychologists (AP) and Human Factors Specialists (HFS); Training and education for AP and HFS; Selection of aviation personnel; Code of conduct/ ethics for AP and HFS
  • Ad Hoc Journal Reviewer – Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy
  • APA Division 12 reviewer for APA Convention from 2017 to current
  • Participant for Internet-Based Field Study for ICD-11 Mental and Behavioral Disorders
  • Member of the SIOP Conference Program Committee from 2008 to current.
  • Volunteer Reviewer for BPS Professional Development Programme
  • SIOP CEMA (Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs) Mentor since 2017
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