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COVID-19 Resources

Psychological Trauma, Coping, and Resilience

Resources for Hospital Workers, Families, & Patients

Members of the APA COVID-19 Interdivisional Taskforce workgroup for Hospital Workers, Families, & Patients are gathering resources and collecting materials to aid front-line hospital workers as well as hospital workers who tend to be overlooked and underserved such as janitors, food preparers, and support staff. They are also gathering resources to help hospital leaders understand and address the emotional needs of hospital workers and to educate medical personnel on providing emotional support to patients and their families who are frightened.

This group, which includes a number of international members, also hopes to provide culturally specific resources for the many health-care staff and vulnerable patient populations whose first language is not English.

These resources collated by the workgroup members are hosted on this website with the permission of all participating members of the Hospital Workers, Families, & Patients WG

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